Spanish Food at Its Very Best

I was in Singapore for a friend’s wedding last year, and I decided to stay a couple of extra days because it was just so beautiful. On my first day alone there, I asked one of the hotel staff if they could recommend a good Spanish restaurant in Singapore. It took her all of two seconds to tell me to try La Ventana, and she also gave me directions, which were very easy to follow. I went there for dinner, and it is probably the best Spanish restaurant I have ever eaten at.

They had quite the selection for everything, including appetizers. Tortillas, anchovies, soups, prawns, fritters, oysters, cookies and chicken wings were just a sampling of the appetizers available. Since I try to eat mostly seafood and vegetables, I decided to have the miniature tortilla, which was an omelet with potatoes and onions mixed in it. For my entree, I decided to go with the seasoned vegetables that had the specialty house sauce on them. These were roasted in the charcoal oven and tasted absolutely out of this world. I had chosen a lighter entree so I could enjoy dessert as well, which is often my favorite part of the meal.

There were so many choices, including healthy ones! For me though, as soon as I saw the Chocolate Coulant, I knew nothing else would do. This is a rich cake that has berries and is served with a creamy vanilla ice cream. I sometimes cannot finish my dessert, even with it being what I look forward to the most, but I had no problem clearing this one up. Everything was so delicious, and I knew that I was going to eat there again because there were just too many other options that I really wanted to try before I had to leave this paradise setting.

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