Satellite Internet Plans Are Affordable Options

I thought that having to go without cable Internet would be a pain when we moved just out of the suburbs into a more rural area. We used to live in the last housing plan on the road before it turns into corn field and dairy farm country. Now we are in a nice farmhouse in the middle of a couple of hundred acres with satellite Internet that really surprised me in how well it works.

There are different plans for how much data you can use in a month. The plans offer 55, ,60, 65 and 70 gigs of bandwidth per month. Different plans seem to have different allowances for overages. All of the plans for the service I looked at offer another 50 gigs of bandwidth that you can use between 2 and 8 am. I’m up late anyway, so I take advantage of that free extra bandwidth every month.

The satellite Internet service we have offers different speeds too. You can have 1 or 2 Mbps upload speeds with a 5, 10 or 15 Mbps download speed. That is not bad for rural Internet service. I can use that speed to watch streaming movies, videos or television shows. I can play music in the background while I work online too. It is more than fast enough for that.

You can install an app to monitor how much data you use on your computer at home to be able to estimate how many gigs of monthly bandwidth you will need. Don’t forget that your smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, streaming players and other devices such as Wi-Fi security cameras will be using the Internet as well. Account for how much data they will be using each month. Many families will find that they are likely using less data per month on the Internet than they originally thought.

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