Need to Fix Tha Air at Church

I am not really complaining, but the other members of the church have put me in charge of Buildings and Grounds for the church and now I have to figure out how to get them to provide me with the resources we need to get the work done. In fact it is going to be getting hot in the sanctuary very rapidly. We need to find inexpensive HVAC services in NYC, but to this point there is not any agreement on how to find the money. If you go inside the sanctuary you will immediately see what is going to happen on a sunny day. On each side of the building we have half a dozen stained glass windows. Each of them is probably close to thirty feet tall and on the right side of the room they face the parking lot. As soon as the sun starts to shine, that room heats up like an oven. On week days we do not pay to keep it cool and it gets ungodly hot in there.

So if we do not fix it soon we are going to have some real problems. In fact it would likely not be safe to hold services in there. We could put some really big fans in there, but that only works for those right in front of the fans. We do that out in the shops at work, we buy these really big powerful fans. So long as you are directly in front of them, they will cool you down. If it gets really hot you turn them all the way up and they are very powerful. Of course in a church that is going to blow things around and a lot of the women are not going to like have their best clothes tossed about.

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