My Vandalism Experience is Truly Unique

An IP camera used for video surveillance is very advantageous for homeowners and those who lease flats to have. My problem in my flat was not the security of my dwelling but the security of my automobile. We only have on-street parking where I live. I have my auto for holidays and for recreation on the weekends. I actually take the tube for my commute to work each day. I had scrapes on my car and had them repaired. It cost a decent amount of money. When it happened a second time, I got a hikvision ip cctv camera. I installed it just outside the window facing the street from my flat. It is a nice PTZ camera that is high resolution.

The camera can pick out facial details of a a person standing next to my car. This is not one of those old blurry black and white security cameras. This one is full color, has night vision and is super clear. The camera kept tabs on my auto for many weeks before it captured footage of what was involved in scratching up my car. A neighborhood stray cat ran from a nearby building and jumped up on the roof of my car. A large dog was racing trying to catch it. The dog had a collar and leash attached. When it got to my car that the cat was on, it scratched furiously at the side trying to get up to the roof. A few seconds later the owner grabbed the leash and quickly yanked the dog away.

I was able to identify the owner of the dog and report the incident to the police. The dog was not under the control of the owner. It managed to pull free when it wanted to chase the cat. I was able to retrieve the costs of the former and the recent damage of the car from the owner of the dog. Though not happy, the owner did admit fault. I have experience training dogs, and offered to teach the dog obedience at no charge. Now the dog does not yank the owner of her feet going after cats. Also, my car has been fixed, and I have actually made a friend in the owner and the dog. She is still making regular payments on my car repair bill. I’m not letting her off that easy!

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