Getting New OEM Parts for Giant Construction Machinery

We have cranes and other giant machines that are so big that we have a dedicated maintenance guy for each machine just to lubricate them. He will start at one point on the machine and do work every day until he gets back to where he started. Then the process is repeated. They always need new hoses for hydraulics and other small parts. However, it is not often that windows break or need new seals. I had to find a company that does rubber window trims & seals for one of our older machines when a side window was broken out by vandals and the seal was destroyed.

I have no idea what they were trying to do. I suppose they wanted to start the machine and wreck it. It could have been anyone from kids to radical environmentalists. If they could have got it started, they could have used the machine to wreck other equipment. We do not leave the keys in any machine, and most of them need a professional to get them moving anyway. However, if someone could get the engine started, they could move levers and press buttons to get a machine moving. Just getting it moving forward could get one to wreck a whole construction site. We added another overnight security guard since the site is so big.

In one way the vandalism turned out okay because it let me find a company that provides OEM construction equipment window trims. I do not want any aftermarket stuff on any of our equipment. That is asking for trouble if something goes wrong. We stick with original stuff for warranties, liability and functionality within specs. Aftermarket stuff may look like OEM, but the stuff is rarely made up to the same standards. Metal parts are usually weaker and wear out faster, and rubber hoses and trims are more flimsy. No matter if you are fixing your family car or a multi-million dollar machine, stick with OEM parts.

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