Getting New OEM Parts for Giant Construction Machinery

We have cranes and other giant machines that are so big that we have a dedicated maintenance guy for each machine just to lubricate them. He will start at one point on the machine and do work every day until he gets back to where he started. Then the process is repeated. They always need new hoses for hydraulics and other small parts. However, it is not often that windows break or need new seals. I had to find a company that does rubber window trims & seals for one of our older machines when a side window was broken out by vandals and the seal was destroyed.

I have no idea what they were trying to do. I suppose they wanted to start the machine and wreck it. It could have been anyone from kids to radical environmentalists. If they could have got it started, they could have used the machine to wreck other equipment. We do not leave the keys in any machine, and most of them need a professional to get them moving anyway. However, if someone could get the engine started, they could move levers and press buttons to get a machine moving. Just getting it moving forward could get one to wreck a whole construction site. We added another overnight security guard since the site is so big.

In one way the vandalism turned out okay because it let me find a company that provides OEM construction equipment window trims. I do not want any aftermarket stuff on any of our equipment. That is asking for trouble if something goes wrong. We stick with original stuff for warranties, liability and functionality within specs. Aftermarket stuff may look like OEM, but the stuff is rarely made up to the same standards. Metal parts are usually weaker and wear out faster, and rubber hoses and trims are more flimsy. No matter if you are fixing your family car or a multi-million dollar machine, stick with OEM parts.

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When Do You Need to Sue?

Of course the answer is if you can win, but it is not very easy to know how strong your case is. Over in America they have laws which do not penalize you much for losing a case, but in Ireland the rules are such that you need to win. If you do not, then you end up paying your lawyer and the other side’s lawyers as well. I have been looking at a few sites of lawyers, like for example Obviously I want to figure out how much it is going to cost me to sue the people who caused the injury that I have. I want to know what it will cost if I lose and how much they take if I win. The lawyer is in it for his own benefit obviously and he is going to want to take a slice out of any settlement that you get. I have to make sure that I end up with enough of a win to be able to pay off the debts that I have accrued since I got hurt. In fact I missed almost a whole month of work and that was enough to really hurt me. I had some money saved up, but not enough to last me very long if I was going to be paying bills without any money coming in. The lost wages is the biggest problem that I have, aside from the fact that I have to replace the pick up truck and a few other bills. Of course the accident happened on a construction site and the guy who did it did not really stick around to tell their side of the story. I never even saw them very well. I was looking at a set of blueprints when they hit me and it really upset my senses.

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Always Have a Backup Plan

You may be wondering how uninterpretable power supplies, more commonly known as UPS, work. The UPS is a device that provides emergency power source to equipment when the main power is cut off. It is also referred to as backup batteries. However, UPS are technically different from batteries since its output is AC rather than DC. Normally the main use of a UPS is to give the user enough time to save his/her work, in cases of computers; or to provide some allowance while waiting for the generator sets to turn on. Even with Stream Energy in TX, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan if your power goes out.

You should take note that an uninterruptible power supply is different from a standby generator. Standby generators are used to provide power when the main line is disconnected, but this generated power is not immediately available. Usually it takes around 10 to 15 seconds for the generator to give a stable power. This very brief interruption could actually be enough to ruin some of your important work. UPS is therefore very useful in addressing this brief interruption. Typically, UPS can supply uninterrupted power ranging from five to thirty minutes. This is why, it is important to be aware and have the presence of mind when saving your work if you are working with computers as soon as you experience a power interruption.

In other words, the AC input goes directly to the equipment. The equipment is like connected directly to the wall outlet. This bypass happens when the battery is already fully charged.Moreover, when the UPS senses that the AC input is fluctuating, whether it is above or below the predetermined voltage level, the UPS automatically shuts off the bypass and turns on the DC – AC inverter to supply the equipment. The switching happens instantaneously that it is hardly noticeable. With the UPS one could work confidently and peacefully.

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