More Volume in My Hair

Over the past year, my hair became thinner because I was sick. While getting treatment for my illness, I used hair extensions to make my hair look full again. The usual hair extensions that I was using weren’t really giving me the same length and body that I wanted my hair to look like. I learned that I could get a better look by using Quad Weft hair extensions, which use four strips of hair together. Whoever came up with something as simple as putting four strips of hair together must be rolling in dough now, because that person is a genius.

My hair transformation was met with some notices from people who had been seeing me on a regular basis. They already knew that I was using hair extensions, but they weren’t expecting me to have one that made my hair look as full as it did. All of the ladies wanted to know what kind of extensions I was using, and even a couple of the guys wanted to know. For some reason, a few of my guy friends wanted to try a pressed, long hair look, similar to something that people of the past would have, only straighter and shinier. I thought that kind of look in men had gone out of style decades ago, but I guess not.

Now that everyone is giving the new hair extensions a try, I’m a little worried about something. The increased popularity of the extensions could lead to a scarcity of the supply, which would cause the prices to increase. Maybe it would be a good idea for me to stock up on some of the extensions while I still have a chance. The last time I procrastinated on something like this, there was a massive price increase on an item, and people were selling the item on auction websites for big bucks.

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Need to Fix Tha Air at Church

I am not really complaining, but the other members of the church have put me in charge of Buildings and Grounds for the church and now I have to figure out how to get them to provide me with the resources we need to get the work done. In fact it is going to be getting hot in the sanctuary very rapidly. We need to find inexpensive HVAC services in NYC, but to this point there is not any agreement on how to find the money. If you go inside the sanctuary you will immediately see what is going to happen on a sunny day. On each side of the building we have half a dozen stained glass windows. Each of them is probably close to thirty feet tall and on the right side of the room they face the parking lot. As soon as the sun starts to shine, that room heats up like an oven. On week days we do not pay to keep it cool and it gets ungodly hot in there.

So if we do not fix it soon we are going to have some real problems. In fact it would likely not be safe to hold services in there. We could put some really big fans in there, but that only works for those right in front of the fans. We do that out in the shops at work, we buy these really big powerful fans. So long as you are directly in front of them, they will cool you down. If it gets really hot you turn them all the way up and they are very powerful. Of course in a church that is going to blow things around and a lot of the women are not going to like have their best clothes tossed about.

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Satellite Internet Plans Are Affordable Options

I thought that having to go without cable Internet would be a pain when we moved just out of the suburbs into a more rural area. We used to live in the last housing plan on the road before it turns into corn field and dairy farm country. Now we are in a nice farmhouse in the middle of a couple of hundred acres with satellite Internet that really surprised me in how well it works.

There are different plans for how much data you can use in a month. The plans offer 55, ,60, 65 and 70 gigs of bandwidth per month. Different plans seem to have different allowances for overages. All of the plans for the service I looked at offer another 50 gigs of bandwidth that you can use between 2 and 8 am. I’m up late anyway, so I take advantage of that free extra bandwidth every month.

The satellite Internet service we have offers different speeds too. You can have 1 or 2 Mbps upload speeds with a 5, 10 or 15 Mbps download speed. That is not bad for rural Internet service. I can use that speed to watch streaming movies, videos or television shows. I can play music in the background while I work online too. It is more than fast enough for that.

You can install an app to monitor how much data you use on your computer at home to be able to estimate how many gigs of monthly bandwidth you will need. Don’t forget that your smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, streaming players and other devices such as Wi-Fi security cameras will be using the Internet as well. Account for how much data they will be using each month. Many families will find that they are likely using less data per month on the Internet than they originally thought.

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Scrapping Metal Helps Us Finish Our Renovation Project

We needed a few hundred dollars to finish our renovation project at home. My wife and I put on new gutters and downspouts, and we took off the fake Roman column covers on the posts that hold up our porch roof, and we installed new plastic ones. The old stuff was very corroded and the finish was wearing off. Aluminum does not rust like steel, but it does corrode. It gives off a grayish looking powdery stuff. My neighbor suggested I check scrap metal price per pound since I had a lot of it with the renovations we did and the cans we have been saving. An added bonus is that my brother is an electrician, and I have been saving scraps of wire he ends up with in his work truck. He throws them into a plastic box and drops them off when he visits a couple of times per week.

I had one big box of copper wire with insulation on it that weighed about 500 pounds. I had no idea it was that heavy until I tried to move it. I had to separate it into several boxes in order to put it in our pickup truck. I made sure all of the screws were removed from the columns, because they are made of steel. If I would have left them, it would have been dirty scrap metal that would have netted a lower price. We had five plastic 55 gallon drums full of cans. We have family who saves them for us, and I pick them up along the edge of our property every week before mowing. I have been saving all of this stuff to scrap, but I never did it before. I was surprised at the amount of money we got.

Copper was really up the day we went to the scrap yard. I had checked scrap metal price per pound before going. We got enough to finish our renovations as well as spend the weekend at the beach in a decent hotel. All of those old aluminum columns and gutters and downspouts that were on the house when we moved here netted a great scrap price too. I was really surprised at the total weight of those aluminum cans. Individually they are super light. However, when you crush them and put them in plastic barrels, they have a lot of weight to them.

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I’m Moving Forward with My Dream Plans

Moving to the big city seemed like the right idea. So, I talked my best friend into moving there with me. She was recently divorced and had the ability to make a move that I felt would make her life better. We decided that we would look for apartments in Hattiesburg MS together as soon as possible. The very next weekend that came up, that’s exactly what we did. I was excited about moving forward in live who had been my friend and by my side for the past 20 years.

Looking for a place is a lot of fun when you get to do it with someone else. You can both point at things excitedly as you explore the new place while you’re figuring out if it’s the place that you need and want. We each had a small list of the things that we really wanted to have, so we made sure to look for places that would fulfill our wishes. After the first weekend, we came away from our exploring with one place that we both loved. We planned to go again the next weekend to tour some more places as well.

When the next weekend rolled around, my friend told me that she’d changed her mind about moving away with me. I was devastated. Could I live there by myself without my usual support system? How hard would it be for me to move on my own, and even more importantly, to live all alone, too? I had quite a bit to think about. I wondered if I should even do it. By the end of that weekend, I decided that I was not going to give up on my dream. I called the place that we both liked and asked if they had any one bedrooms, and they did. My move in date is next week!

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My Vandalism Experience is Truly Unique

An IP camera used for video surveillance is very advantageous for homeowners and those who lease flats to have. My problem in my flat was not the security of my dwelling but the security of my automobile. We only have on-street parking where I live. I have my auto for holidays and for recreation on the weekends. I actually take the tube for my commute to work each day. I had scrapes on my car and had them repaired. It cost a decent amount of money. When it happened a second time, I got a hikvision ip cctv camera. I installed it just outside the window facing the street from my flat. It is a nice PTZ camera that is high resolution.

The camera can pick out facial details of a a person standing next to my car. This is not one of those old blurry black and white security cameras. This one is full color, has night vision and is super clear. The camera kept tabs on my auto for many weeks before it captured footage of what was involved in scratching up my car. A neighborhood stray cat ran from a nearby building and jumped up on the roof of my car. A large dog was racing trying to catch it. The dog had a collar and leash attached. When it got to my car that the cat was on, it scratched furiously at the side trying to get up to the roof. A few seconds later the owner grabbed the leash and quickly yanked the dog away.

I was able to identify the owner of the dog and report the incident to the police. The dog was not under the control of the owner. It managed to pull free when it wanted to chase the cat. I was able to retrieve the costs of the former and the recent damage of the car from the owner of the dog. Though not happy, the owner did admit fault. I have experience training dogs, and offered to teach the dog obedience at no charge. Now the dog does not yank the owner of her feet going after cats. Also, my car has been fixed, and I have actually made a friend in the owner and the dog. She is still making regular payments on my car repair bill. I’m not letting her off that easy!

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Spanish Food at Its Very Best

I was in Singapore for a friend’s wedding last year, and I decided to stay a couple of extra days because it was just so beautiful. On my first day alone there, I asked one of the hotel staff if they could recommend a good Spanish restaurant in Singapore. It took her all of two seconds to tell me to try La Ventana, and she also gave me directions, which were very easy to follow. I went there for dinner, and it is probably the best Spanish restaurant I have ever eaten at.

They had quite the selection for everything, including appetizers. Tortillas, anchovies, soups, prawns, fritters, oysters, cookies and chicken wings were just a sampling of the appetizers available. Since I try to eat mostly seafood and vegetables, I decided to have the miniature tortilla, which was an omelet with potatoes and onions mixed in it. For my entree, I decided to go with the seasoned vegetables that had the specialty house sauce on them. These were roasted in the charcoal oven and tasted absolutely out of this world. I had chosen a lighter entree so I could enjoy dessert as well, which is often my favorite part of the meal.

There were so many choices, including healthy ones! For me though, as soon as I saw the Chocolate Coulant, I knew nothing else would do. This is a rich cake that has berries and is served with a creamy vanilla ice cream. I sometimes cannot finish my dessert, even with it being what I look forward to the most, but I had no problem clearing this one up. Everything was so delicious, and I knew that I was going to eat there again because there were just too many other options that I really wanted to try before I had to leave this paradise setting.

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