More Volume in My Hair

Over the past year, my hair became thinner because I was sick. While getting treatment for my illness, I used hair extensions to make my hair look full again. The usual hair extensions that I was using weren’t really giving me the same length and body that I wanted my hair to look like. I learned that I could get a better look by using Quad Weft hair extensions, which use four strips of hair together. Whoever came up with something as simple as putting four strips of hair together must be rolling in dough now, because that person is a genius.

My hair transformation was met with some notices from people who had been seeing me on a regular basis. They already knew that I was using hair extensions, but they weren’t expecting me to have one that made my hair look as full as it did. All of the ladies wanted to know what kind of extensions I was using, and even a couple of the guys wanted to know. For some reason, a few of my guy friends wanted to try a pressed, long hair look, similar to something that people of the past would have, only straighter and shinier. I thought that kind of look in men had gone out of style decades ago, but I guess not.

Now that everyone is giving the new hair extensions a try, I’m a little worried about something. The increased popularity of the extensions could lead to a scarcity of the supply, which would cause the prices to increase. Maybe it would be a good idea for me to stock up on some of the extensions while I still have a chance. The last time I procrastinated on something like this, there was a massive price increase on an item, and people were selling the item on auction websites for big bucks.

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