Scrapping Metal Helps Us Finish Our Renovation Project

We needed a few hundred dollars to finish our renovation project at home. My wife and I put on new gutters and downspouts, and we took off the fake Roman column covers on the posts that hold up our porch roof, and we installed new plastic ones. The old stuff was very corroded and the finish was wearing off. Aluminum does not rust like steel, but it does corrode. It gives off a grayish looking powdery stuff. My neighbor suggested I check scrap metal price per pound since I had a lot of it with the renovations we did and the cans we have been saving. An added bonus is that my brother is an electrician, and I have been saving scraps of wire he ends up with in his work truck. He throws them into a plastic box and drops them off when he visits a couple of times per week.

I had one big box of copper wire with insulation on it that weighed about 500 pounds. I had no idea it was that heavy until I tried to move it. I had to separate it into several boxes in order to put it in our pickup truck. I made sure all of the screws were removed from the columns, because they are made of steel. If I would have left them, it would have been dirty scrap metal that would have netted a lower price. We had five plastic 55 gallon drums full of cans. We have family who saves them for us, and I pick them up along the edge of our property every week before mowing. I have been saving all of this stuff to scrap, but I never did it before. I was surprised at the amount of money we got.

Copper was really up the day we went to the scrap yard. I had checked scrap metal price per pound before going. We got enough to finish our renovations as well as spend the weekend at the beach in a decent hotel. All of those old aluminum columns and gutters and downspouts that were on the house when we moved here netted a great scrap price too. I was really surprised at the total weight of those aluminum cans. Individually they are super light. However, when you crush them and put them in plastic barrels, they have a lot of weight to them.

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I’m Moving Forward with My Dream Plans

Moving to the big city seemed like the right idea. So, I talked my best friend into moving there with me. She was recently divorced and had the ability to make a move that I felt would make her life better. We decided that we would look for apartments in Hattiesburg MS together as soon as possible. The very next weekend that came up, that’s exactly what we did. I was excited about moving forward in live who had been my friend and by my side for the past 20 years.

Looking for a place is a lot of fun when you get to do it with someone else. You can both point at things excitedly as you explore the new place while you’re figuring out if it’s the place that you need and want. We each had a small list of the things that we really wanted to have, so we made sure to look for places that would fulfill our wishes. After the first weekend, we came away from our exploring with one place that we both loved. We planned to go again the next weekend to tour some more places as well.

When the next weekend rolled around, my friend told me that she’d changed her mind about moving away with me. I was devastated. Could I live there by myself without my usual support system? How hard would it be for me to move on my own, and even more importantly, to live all alone, too? I had quite a bit to think about. I wondered if I should even do it. By the end of that weekend, I decided that I was not going to give up on my dream. I called the place that we both liked and asked if they had any one bedrooms, and they did. My move in date is next week!

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